Historic District

 The Yaphank Historical Society is committed to preserve Yaphank’s historic houses, properties, and historic documents and we feel that obtaining state and national recognition for the Historic District is a significant step forward in our preservation efforts. These registers are the official lists of buildings, structures, districts, objects, and sites significant to the history, architecture, archaeology, engineering and culture of New York State and the nation. The Yaphank Historic District is home to over 30 historic houses and numerous other historic buildings, ruins, sites, cemeteries, and historic markers. Several of our historic homes are already listed on the National Register of Historic Places: Robert & Isabella Hawkins House, Booth House Museum, Homan-Gerard House and St. Andrews Episcopal Church. 

A Walking Tour of the Yaphank Historic District

Yaphank’s Main Street is home to over 30 historic houses, and numerous other historic buildings, ruins, sites, cemeteries, and historic markers. 

Download the Walking Tour pamphlet

Start your walk at the Swezey-Avey House parking lot. 

Hawkins Family Cemetery 

The Hawkins Family Cemetery is an early burial ground and is the final resting place of many of Yaphank’s earliest families: Hawkins, Homan and Gerard. The burial stones are a significant historic resource and date from the mid 1700s to the early 1860s. Thanks to a 2022 grant from the Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation, the Yaphank Historical Society retained the Burying Ground Preservation Group to restore the markers in the cemetery, add new fencing, clean the grounds, and add new signage. The restoration project resulted in new historic data for our archives, as well as new signage honoring two patriots of the Revolutionary War -- Samuel Conklin (1717-1777) and Joseph Homan (1755-1815).

The newly restored cemetery is located on Middle-Island Yaphank Road and is part of the Yaphank Historic District. The cemetery is listed on the Walking Tour pamphlet (listed above.). 

Download the Hawkins Cemetery Dedication Brochure. 

The brochure contains a list and details of the 20 burial markers in the cemetery. 

Carmans River Nature Trail & Sanctuary

John Homan, with the permission of Brookhaven Town in 1762, dammed the Carmans River to construct a saw mill. In 1771, Daniel Homan added a grist mill and a bolting mill. The Homan family lived in this house while operating the mills. Daniel Homan sold the mills to Robert Hawkins in 1821. During these years, the village was known as Millville.

Download the Nature Trail brochure & trail map

Start your walk at the Homan-Gerard House parking lot.