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The Gerard Mill at Yaphank

Robert Hawkins Gerard came to Yaphank as a child, to be raised by his uncle, Robert Hawkins. Robert Hawkins Gerard worked at the Old Red Mill originally built by John as a sawmill in 1 762. t was there that he mastered the trade. In 1865, Hawkins Gerard purchased the mill, tore it down and replaced it with one . three times the size. The sawmill thrived and in 1899 it - was run by family members, Edward L and Agnes S. Gerard. The bill head of that year boasts, “doors, sash, molding, lath and material of every description.” It lists, “oak, ash, and hickory plank,” along with, “locust posts in great variety, etc., etc.” The Gerard Mill burned in 1918, and was never rebuilt. It stood on the Carmans River just below the Lower Lake on Yaphank Avenue. There are no visible remains of the mill, but a historic marker with a photo stands not far from the original site.