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Little Susy's Church - A History of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church
By Rev. Richard C. Chapin

  On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, the Reverend Richard C. Chapin presented to the congregation his gift; the long awaited published account of the history of St. Andrew's, entitled Little Susy's Church. It was a labor of love that took thirty-one years in the researching and the writing.

  Rev. Chapin ministered to Saint Andrew's from 1972-1995 and his research for the book was instrumental in having Saint Andrew's listed on the National Register of Historic Places. He has long been an expert on the Weeks family in Yaphank. This prominent family was responsible for the design and construction of St. Andrew's. Little Susy's Church tells of the churchs founding family, the progression of sympathetic additions to the original structure and the congregations growth over the years.

  Reverend Chapin is now retired and living, with his wife, Jean in Pennsylvania. He is active in the Susquehanna Beekeepers Society and a member of the Yaphank Historical Society. His book, Little Susy's Church is now linked to this web site.

Contents, Preface, & Introduction

Chapter 1 - The Founders

Chapter 2 - A Remarkable Churchman and Citizen

Chapter 3 - A Shared Ministry

Chapter 4 - The Consecration of God’s Property

Chapter 5 - The Age of Hospitality

Chapter 6 - Diary of a Yaphank Teenager

Chapter 7 - Into the Twentieth Century

Chapter 8 - The Flame from the Altar

Appendix: A Sketch of St. Andrew’s Church: 1995 to 2003

Bibliography, Lists and Genealogy