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The Hawkins House Restoration

Robert Hewlett Hawkins was born in Yaphank, but it was in New York City that he became a successful businessman. He retired to Yaphank and built this lovely, Victorian Country House in 1850. The house was pegged construction with the design probably taken from an architectural plan book of the day. It was an elegant home for the milling village that was Yaphank.

Robert Hewlett Hawkins died soon after the completion of the house. His wife and four children resided there until 1864. The house had a series of owners and in the 1930's the property was subdivided twice. It was then used as a boarding house.

During the 1960's the house was condemned by Suffolk County for the widening of Yaphank Ave. The road project was cancelled and the house stood empty. It was vandalized and rapidly deteriorated. continued ...