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April 2021

I hope this letter finds you all healthy. We hosted our first Zoom general membership meeting and it was a great success. I want to thank Suzanne Johnson and Jim Vavrina for organizing it and making it the success that it was. We will be hosting more Zoom meetings with speakers on the third Thursday of each month (See page 1). Please check our website for more information on our speakers and for upcoming events as they are scheduled. Of course, as always, these Zoom meetings are free of charge. All are welcome to attend.

Work continues on the front porch of the Hawkins House. The work was more extensive than we realized when we first started the project. We had to replace some of the posts, steps, stair rails as well as some balustrades, top rails, and porch boards. Progress is being made and we hope to be finished with the project shortly. We are also doing work at the Swezey House. A few years ago, some 19th century doors were generously donated to us by Connie Dankmyer of Nellies Antiques in Amagansett. We have repurposed these doors, changing out the flat panel doors that the Town of Brookhaven installed when they took over the building. We are short by a few doors, but we will keep looking to replace the rest of the doors. I want to thank the correction officers and the inmates from the Sheriff’s Vocational Work Program for helping us with this project.

We have other projects on our agenda for this year. We want to put a Paddock Fence around the Hawkins House. We also want to repair the fencing at the Buckingham Cemetery; as well as paint and repair the Paddock Fencing that runs along Yaphank Avenue and East Main Street. We are also replacing the sign at the Hawkins Cemetery and we hope to get this cemetery cleaned up and new fencing installed this year.

Our buildings remain closed to the public. We are going to clean and sanitize all our buildings and hopefully open them to the public, by appointment only, sometime later this year. The safety and the well-being of our guests and volunteers is of upmost concern to us.

- Robert Kessler, President