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November 2018

Homan house update

The major construction portion of the Homan House restoration project is done. We have been painting the outside of the house. We have also begun to paint the interior. The basement Bee-Hive oven, fireplace and brick walls have been completely rebuilt. The chimney in the attic was taken down and re-built and the chimney above the roof was flashed and completely built as new. The brick work inside the house was repaired as needed. There was also a new hearth put in the fireplace in the meeting room.

Most of the stone work around the house was installed as new and where it could be saved, it was repaired and re-pointed. All of the windows trim and woodwork has been restored. We only had a few existing shutters and the rest were made to replicate the original. There were some doors missing on the interior of the house and they also were made to replicate the original doors.

We have a few incidentals to finish up on the interior and the exterior of the house before we can say it is complete. Our next step with this restoration project is to furnish the house. Meetings to discuss this effort have been scheduled to review and evaluate our existing furniture in storage as to its appropriateness for the house. We will also create a list of furniture to be acquired.

I want to again thank all of the people who worked on the house. Special thanks once again go to the Gerry Charitable Trust and the Robert Lion Gardiner Foundation without whose support we could not have completed this project.

- Robert Kessler, President