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September 2018

Once again, I wish to thank you all for electing me Society President for another term. I will continue to work for the good of the Society so that we continue to grow and prosper.

Our main focus this year has been the restoration of the Homan House. We worked with several contractors, as well as the County, and with Society volunteers. HB Millwork of Yaphank was our stair contractor and they have done a great job of replicating the part of the original staircase that remained in the house. Their work is now complete.

The plaster contractor, Mitrani Plasterers of Shirley have also completed their work. The plaster walls and ceilings look great and are ready for paint.

Our restoration contractor, Jeremiah McGiff of Brookhaven, is currently finishing a few small items and then he will be done. Jeremiah has done a beautiful job of restoring the house. He has restored all of the windows except for a few that were missing and for those, he constructed them. He has replicated most of the shutters on the house (there were only a few of the original ones remaining). And he has also made some of the interior doors that were missing. The floors have all been sanded and finished and they look great.

We had to rebuild the entire chimney base in the basement and rebuild the fireplace and Bee-Hive oven. That work has been finished. We also had to demolish part of the chimney in the attic and rebuild that portion. In the meantime, we have extended the main chimney up above the roof. We are now waiting on the flashing to be completed by others before we finish the chimney and cap off the top. Work is under way on this remaining construction project. (See pictures below.)

Final work on this major restoration project will include grading and landscaping, as well as painting the interior and exterior of the house. Our special thanks to the inmates work program members for their efforts on exterior painting, as well as all of their hard work on our other projects.

Special thanks also goes out to the Robert Lion Gardiner Foundation for their generous support of this project without whose help this project would never have been possible. Thank you also to the Gerry Foundation for their generous help in restoring the windows.

- Robert Kessler, President