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May 2018

Progress at the Homan house continues to move along at a very good pace. Both interior and exterior work have been addressed. Much has been completed; much is scheduled to do. An update follows.

The interior trim, base and mantels are all painted and finished. All of the interior doors are painted and ready to be hung. There are several doors that have to be constructed and this will happen in the next few weeks. The new staircase has been installed and we are now waiting for the newel post and the railings. The exterior window trim and sills still have to be restored and finished. The exterior windows have to be flashed and permanently installed in place. Only a few of the original shutters for the house remain; the rest will have to be fabricated.

The plasterer has started work and is making good progress. The third floor is finished; the second floor will have the balance of the finish coat put on this week. The plaster on the first floor has also been started and will continue. Thankfully we have had heat in the house which allowed the plaster work to start right away instead of having to wait for warmer weather.

We have finished the brick work in the basement and we are now ready to take out all of the support posts that were put in place to allow us to work on the chimney safely. I want to thank Dawn House Movers and especially Stan Kazel who graciously donated his time and resources so that we could do this project without taking the entire chimney structure down. We still have to build the chimney above the roof. This should happen soon.

This summer we will be painting the exterior and the interior of the house. This project will be done by the Yaphank Historical Society volunteers. Our volunteers will also be doing all of the grading and landscaping around the house. We have to remove the chain link construction fence, grade the entire property, build window wells, put in large stone steps at the doors and install a handicap walkway at the rear of the house. We are also going to have to build stone steps into the basement and refinish the basement floor.

As you can see from the above, we have come a long way from when we first started the project. We do, however, still have a long way to go and our volunteers will play a big part in getting this project done. We all look forward to when the Homan House will be finished and opened for visitors as part of our Yaphank Historic District.

Special thanks goes to the Sherriff’s work program for all of their hard work in helping us get this project done.

I would also like to thank the Robert Lion Gardiner Foundation and the Gerry Charitable Trust for their generous support of this project. We could not have gotten as far as we have without their support.

- Robert Kessler, President