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September 2017

I would like to thank everyone for re-electing me President of the Society for another term. I would also like to thank the outgoing board for all of their hard work over the last year. Welcome to our incoming board, both incumbents and new members. I am looking forward to working with them to have another productive year for the Yaphank Historical Society.

The fall season involves lots of activity and we have four Eagle Scout programs going on at this time. Three are mostly completed; the fourth is getting started shortly. The three completed projects are:
1. Construction of two seating benches and two picnic benches at the Homan House parking and picnic area.
2. Construction and installation of three Mini Libraries; one is at the Homan picnic and park area and the other two (one children’s library and one adult’s library) are at the Swezey park.
3. Construction of a display area for the old logs (presumably from the old saw mill that stood across from the Swezey House) that were dredged out of Willow Lake. This is at the Swezey Park.

The fourth Scout project is the building of an informational kiosk at the Swezey Park. This project should be getting under way shortly.

Homan House update: The contractor who has been doing the structural work at the Homan House has finished his part of the project. The next phase of the project will be for the County to do the electric, heating and drainage. The Yaphank Historical Society will then be able to begin working on our phase of the project which will be the finish work on the house. We will be receiving a grant from the Gardiner Foundation to help us with our portion of the work. This work will include the restoration of the windows and the doors, constructing shutters for the entire house, plastering and interior trim work. We will also be rebuilding the staircases.

Volunteers will play a very large role in this portion of the project. We have already completed all of the stone work at the foundation walls. We will be doing all of the chimney work which includes the rebuilding of the Beehive oven and the fireplace that is located in the basement. It also includes rebuilding the chimney above the roof. We will be doing all of the grading and the landscaping. We will also be doing all of the interior and exterior painting of the house.

As you can see we have a very busy time ahead of us restoring the Homan House, but with the help of all of our dedicated Historical Society volunteers we will get it done.

- Robert Kessler, President