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March 2018

Preservation at work in the Homan House: This is a brief update on our work at the Homan House. Major interior progress has occurred over the past few months and our scheduled date of completion, early in 2019, looks like it may well be possible. The electric system has been installed, as well as the heating and air conditioning systems. We are now waiting for National Grid to hook up the meter so that we can get the heat turned on.

We have met with the stair builder and the plasterers. We need either the heat to be turned on or warm weather to arrive before the plasterers can do their work. Original plaster walls were saved wherever possible. Framing on the second and third floors has been necessary and additional wood lath has been installed on both floors in preparation for the new plaster walls. The stairs will be restored and/or re-built as necessary. This work will be scheduled to minimize impact on plastering efforts.

Historic paint colors have been chosen for the house. Painting is scheduled to begin soon and interior down to bare wood getting them ready for paint. Walls will be painted once the plastering has been completed. The restored windows are ready to be set in place soon, along with the front door and the leaded glass sidelights on each side of the front door.

The central chimney in the attic space on the third floor required rebuilding. The structure was unstable and was in danger of collapsing. Exterior walls were removed and rebuilt. The beehive oven and fireplace located in the basement were completely rebuilt.

- Robert Kessler, President