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An Old House -- An Unusual House Guest

Capt. Robert Robinson came to Yaphank and built a lovely Dutch Colonial house with wide planked floors and a beehive oven. He was then granted permission to dam the Carmans River to build a mill across the street from his house. The construction of this mill in 1739, was considered the founding date of the Hamlet of Yaphank.

Years passed and in the 1800’s when the house passed into the hands of Isaac Mills, it was part of a fine farm with considerable property. The farm prospered well into the next century. It was sold in 1909, and the house stood empty until 1962, when it was separated from the farm and sold once again. New owners began to restore this veritable time capsule. After a three day rainstorm washed away accumulated grime from the stone foundation, all were surprised to find a cornerstone marked ‘1726’. Since cornerstones don’t lie, 1726 then became the new founding date for Yaphank. It seems appropriate that this beautiful old house which witnessed Yaphank’s birth, stood by during Yaphank’s life as a thriving mill town and was a part of Yaphank’s farming community, should house Yaphank’s resident ghost! During the 1960’s restoration of the house, a man in black with sideburns appeared and repeated three times, “Everything is going to be all right.” Rather than being rattled, the residents of the house found the old man’s message comforting. The old man reappeared a number of times after that on what seemed to be inspections of whatever new was happening in the house.
Who is the old man? The suspicion in town is that he is old Isaac Mills, farmer who owned the place in the 1800’s. Isaac Mills took his own life on property behind the barn. Apparently all of the ills that he suffered in his have passed with him and, “Everything is going to be all right.”