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September 2016

I want to thank everyone for electing me to serve as President of the Society for another year. I want the Society to continue the projects that we have started and also move along on the new projects that are on our wish list for the Yaphank Historic District.

Our main project is the restoration of the Homan House. Recently we have suffered a little setback on the project. Suffolk County Deparment of Public Works had picked a contractor for the project and unfortunately, when we got to the point of signing the contract, the contractor did not have all of his papers in order and the County had to void the contract. So now we have to start over and find another contractor. Hopefully we will be able to get a new contractor on board shortly and the project will move forward. We will stay on top of this and help in any way we can to get a new contractor signed up.

We are still doing some things to keep the project moving forward. We recently had the windows steam cleaned and all of the paint removed. They are stored off site and are now ready for restoration. We are also working on the chimney. The base of the chimney located in the basement is in bad shape and needs to be rebuilt, which we are doing with volunteers.

Our other houses, the Hawkins house, the Booth House and the Swezey House, are all in good shape. As with all houses they need minor repairs and we are keeping up with this. The Hawkins House is getting a brand new heating and air conditioning system installed this year. We can finally get rid of the old electric heaters that we have had for so many years.

One of the things that was on our wish list was a new “Welcome to Yaphank” sign at the corner of the Long Island Expressway and Yaphank Avenue. Thanks to board members Jim Vavrina and Tony Germano we finally have a new sign installed at that location.

We also have three projects being done for us this year by the Boy Scouts for their Eagle Scout projects. We have one Scout building picnic benches for us at the parking area on the south side of the Homan House. Another Scout is putting in grade beams to support our display of logs that were dredged out of Willow Lake. The third Scout project will be to build an informational kiosk at the Swezey House Park. This will be to display information about the park and the Carmans River. These are great projects and we thank the Boy Scouts for their help in making our community a better place.

We have finished our new extension to our Carmans River Nature Trail. You can now go from the Booth House to the Saint Andrews Cemetery and then continue through the church parking area and go to the Octagon Foundation. From here you can continue on our old trail and finish up at the Homan House parking area.

- Robert Kessler, President